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About Me

Born into a farming family, I pursued my interest in technology and graduated with a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Anna University​​​​. Currently, I serve as a Senior Product Manager at Squadcast and am the Founder of Hydrozen.io, an uptime and heartbeat monitoring SaaS platform​​​​.

Over the years, I have gathered a wealth of experience in various roles and industries. My competence lies in translating ideas into industry-leading SaaS products, with skills spanning business development, UI/UX, user research, competitive analysis, product roadmap, product analytics, product & pricing strategy, and product-market fit analysis​​.

In addition to my tech pursuits, I'm passionate about sustainable farming and manage my family's 10.5-acre farm, Paravali Farms, with plans to make it fully organic. I also enjoy helping businesses digitize their operations, sharing political commentary, delivering talks, training sessions, and creating content on YouTube and other platforms​​​​.

My Projects

Hydrozen.io - Uptime Monitoring & Statuspages

TextPro.xyz - Simple Free Productivity apps (Notes & Todos)

SmoothAI.chat - ChatGPT like interface to interact with OpenAI APIs

Nitrozen.xyz - Buy high quality & affordable simple web apps for one time fee.